Sunday, November 7, 2010

"Wildlife" Photographer

I have a pet rat. I say this and most people cringe, but I don't understand their reaction. Rita is the sweetest little pet in the world. She's meticulously clean, she's surprisingly smart (she comes when I call) and she likes to sleep on my lap while I do homework. She sitting on my lap while I'm typing right now, preening (or rather, she's preening me.) Did I mentioned she's potty trained?

I think the cringing reaction has to do with the whole bubonic plague thing that happened 500 years ago (which was actually caused by a flea on the rat, not the rat itself,) but people may still think that they're going to get some kind of disease. Well, because of our most excellent hygiene, my rat and I have had no contact with fleas that carry bubonic, so no worries. You're actually more likely to get sick from pet birds, but I'll stop there.

I took some photos of her and they were so cute, I couldn't stop. So then I took photos of my roommate's pet rat. I'm drowning in the cuteness here.


I think she is saying, "Feed Me Treats."


Em Hedrick said...

Rita is really sporting a nice pose... but what's up with Kayley? She's got a double chin :)

Amy said...

I am seriously impressed with your talents. You have so many! I'm so lucky I know you!

You make those rats look amazing.